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These are a selection of eBooks that I purchased and downloaded when researching, caring for and breeding Betta Fish, aka the Siamese Fighting Fish. All were very helpful and each included small snippets of information that weren’t included in the others. I really used them to add to information that I found on the web and also because of their low cost I found them very convenient as it saved a lot of time surfing through lots of websites and web pages to complete the picture.

Now I’m not going to suggest you do this but I was pleased that I purchased more than one as despite the fact that most agreed on the important points they did disagree on others. For example one suggested not using tanks that are joined as the Bettas being in close quarters can have the effect of stressing the fish, as they constantly feel as if their territory is under threat. While another suggested it was a good idea as the Betta in the adjoining section could offer company to the other.

So you can see how opinions vary on some things, which proves that in some respects that keeping Betta Fish is a very inexact science. Therefore it does pay to do your research as you are then in a much better position to make up your own mind. It’s just the same story as with many other hobbies, what works for one person may not work for another. So as I said, research is the key.

Therefore before I start my reviews, if you are new to the world of eBooks I’d just like to explain a little about them and why I do have a preference for them over the more conventional version of the “book” when conducting research.

Firstly I only purchase eBooks that have a money back guarantee and the reason for this is very simple and it’s not because I want to ask for my money back. The reason is this, if an eBook has a money back guarantee then there is pressure on the author to produce a quality product. You see it’s quite simple really, the author knows that if he doesn’t deliver the goods then he/she is going to get lots of requests for refunds and the word will soon get around the internet in forums etc that the product isn’t any good and as a consequence the vendor won’t make any money.

Therefore if I’m ever after some quality information on the internet I will always surf for the free information first and then back it up some quality eBooks so I know I’ve covered all the bases.

One of the other reasons I like eBooks is because you can download them straight away and then print them off (or download them onto your Kindle, iPad etc) and then find a comfortable place away from the computer, sit back and relax and read them. Plus if your Betta gets sick you have the information at hand rather than having to go online and search for the solution. That is of course if you aren’t super prepared and thought ahead already, as most people (including me) aren’t.

Therefore in no particular order here are the eBooks I purchased.


Betta Care Made Easy

This eBook is written by Adam Short a 25 year Betta veteran and the information contained within certainly indicates he knows what he’s on about. In fact some of the information is so comprehensive most people would probably never think to ask about it and if you follow all of his directions your Betta certainly will be living like a king.

This eBook is 85 pages long and is packed full of information. I actually thought that maybe it could have done with a few more photographs though but at the end of the day I didn’t have any trouble understanding what he was talking about. Therefore if you’re wondering what is covered in this eBook it has 10 chapters and subsections so here’s a list of it’s contents.


Breeding BettasThis eBook is 55 pages long and the author Tho Le has been keeping Bettas for over 10 years. If you are interested in Breeding Bettas then this eBook is certainly worth a read. It also contains information about general Betta care as well and has the following list of contents.









This eBook is also reasonably priced and is sold for just 17.85 USD

Follow this link to find out more about Taking the Mystery out of Betta Breeding

Click Here


Halfmoon Betta Fish GuideI came across this eBook after I’d started my first two spawns and to be honest I wish I’d read this right from the start. It was very interesting and answered a lot of my outstanding questions such as what to look for in Betta parents to produce high quality Bettas and much, much more. In fact, being desperate for as much information I could get my hands on I devoured the 109 pages all in one session.

Now just before I tell you what’s in this eBook can I just say that even if you’ve got Crowntail Bettas or any another variety of Bettas you will find this eBook beneficial as a large quantity of the information can be applied to Betta Splendens in general.

Another point I liked about this eBook which the others didn’t have was lots and lots of photos. I love photos as it’s a great way to get your point across and can make things a lot clearer than just words. The other thing it had which I liked was a DIY section which included directions and photos on how to build your very own low maintenance Betta Filtration System. This is a must if you want to breed Quality Betta Fish. It will save you a lot of time and effort, will allow to get maximum growth in the shortest amount of time and will the solve the problem of damaged fish which can be a symptom of larger fry being raised in a community tank.

So it doesn’t matter what type of Bettas you are keeping and breeding you will love this Halfmoon eBook.

If you’d like to have a look at the contents follow this link.

Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide Contents.

Otherwise if you just want to purchase one eBook about caring for and breeding Betta Fish then I feel that this book is very much undervalued at just $15.95. It doesn’t come with any bonuses but I feel the bonuses are  included in the eBook already. Therefore follow the link below to find out more about……….

Caring for and breeding Bettas in the Halfmoon Betta Fish Guide

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